This language has influenced the world at large with its culture, art, literature, theatre, movies, and fashion. Today, attracting many learners from all over the world, the French language has become the official language of 41 countries and this, foreign language has opened a wide variety of opportunities in the global market. On the other hand, we believed that 50% of English vocabulary is derived from French. Learning French open the doors of many opportunities in UAE as well as abroad, knowledge of French will open you the doors to be the part of Travel & Tour Industry, hospitality, international business units, research and diplomats. Learning French language gives the students a platform to expand its business and potentials across the national boundaries and to the international fronts. Our professionals have developed custom reading, writing and speaking module for the students who are willing to learn French language virtual/ physical.

French A1, A2 & B1 Levels

A1: Beginner’s Level

  • About Date and Time
  • Greeting People
  • Alphabets
  • Your likes and dislikes
  • Talking about yourself / where you live / family members
  • Engage in a simple buy and sell situation

A2: Intermediate Level

  • Book a hotel / Buy tickets
  • Talk about yourself, educational background, your job
  • Instructions / Use Transport
  • Indicate the nature of a medical problem
  • Ask your way and give directions
  • Ask for goods in a shop /Order meal in a restaurant

B1: Advance Level

  • Talking about memories
  • Aesthetics
  • Current events
  • Social issues
  • Conditional : present and past
  • Past perfect
  • Adjectives
  • Structures for reported speech

Grammar in detail from A2 Intermediate Level

  • Further uses of the verb Avoir
  • Immediate Future
  • Perfect tense Past actions
  • Expressions of Possession
  • Imperfect Past tense Past actions

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