Certified Quantity Surveyor

What is Quantity Surveying?

Quantity surveyors estimate and control costs for large construction projects. They make sure that structures meet legal and quality standards.

Quantity surveying is the science that delivers specialized financial and contractual services and advice to clients in the building and construction industry, as well as in related industries.

Quantity Survey Course in Dubai

Why to choose Quantity Surveying?

Quantity survey is very important in any construction contract or project and more so in a complex and huge project. Quantity surveyor is the right hand man to the Project Manager (PM) like a Planning Engineer or Manager depending on size of the project.

Quantity survey comes with knowledge of contracts as well. He has to guide the PM on possible implications of cost and time on the project due to change in scope of work, material specifications etc. and in contractual claim document preparations. Hence it’s a challenging job too for which one has to do additional courses available through distance communication. Quantity surveyors are paid well too.

Quantity Survey Course in Dubai

Who should attend Quantity Surveying Course?

The one should have the Degree or Diploma in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Interior Designing, and Architecture. They should have nearly 3 Yrs of Experienced Construction Professionals.

Quantity Survey Course in Dubai

Course Outline:

Quantity Surveying in Building Estimation:

  • Introduction to Quantity Surveying and Role of Quantity Surveyors.
  • Sequence & schedule of work with all standard Activities.
  • Brief study of building structure from foundation to top level of building.
  • Procedure of estimating metric system, unit conversion.
  • Brief study of construction materials, Nomenclature of items.
  • Estimation and costing of concrete work (footing, columns, slab, beams, staircase)
  • Estimation and costing of mortar work, plaster work.
  • Quantity takes off technique from the architectural plan (Brick work, plaster and painting putty work).
  • Estimation & costing by quantity take off from the live projects drawing (PCC Works, shuttering, concrete works)
  • Preparation of estimation sheet for all kinds of building works on Ms-Excel sheet.
  • Management Information System (MIS) generation and preparation in proper formats as per as IS Standard.
  • Pre- Engineered Building (PEB) Estimation.
  • Construction Technologies and Equipments Experimental Studies.
  • Quantity Take off from CAD/ Architectural drawings and MS- Excel.
  • Estimation Procedure and Technique during execution of work at the site.
  • Sanitary and water supply works including plumbing works (septic tank, estimation of soak pit including sanitary & water supply installation with drawing).
  • Bar Bending schedule of technique from all RCC Structure (Footings, Beams, Columns, Slabs, Staircase, RCC Wall and water tank) from live projects drawings.
  • BBS Sheet preparation techniques on Ms-Excel.
  • Masonry, painting finishes and interior works with all standard specifications. (doors, windows, marble, tiles, glass, etc.)
  • Labor deployment planning.
  • Labor output constants for building works as per as IS code.
  • Daily Work Report (DWR) preparation as per market standard.
  • Daily Progress Report (DPR) preparation as per market.
  • Analysis of Rate as per DAR & Market rate.
  • Material Reconciliation Techniques.
  • Material Procurement Strategies as per as the Techniques uses in Quantity Surveying.
  • Basic and indirect building costs.
  • Working up and submission of Tenders.
  • Materials and Resource tolerance as per IS code.
  • Bill of quantities preparation as per drawing and DSR.
  • Experimental study of BOQ by the contractor ride and rate quote techniques.
  • Basic Tendering bidding procedures.
  • One live project training with drawing.
  • Report preparation.

Quantity Surveying in Road Estimation:

  • Introduction to all types of roads.
  • Tools and machineries required for the road work.
  • Composition of road length.
  • Determination of road length.
  • Types of pavements.
  • Geometric design of roads.
  • Method of making pavements.
  • Estimation of metalled road
  • Estimation of earthen material
  • Construction of Water Bound Macadam (WBM)
  • Material required for WBM road.
  • Work procedure for WBM road.
  • Practical test for the Compaction of filling.
  • Detail estimate of bituminous road with all specifications & construction procedure.
  • Detail estimate of concrete road.
  • Drainage system for different road.
  • Rate and labor analysis as per as IS code, DAR, etc.
  • Maintenance operations for different type of roads.
  • Different testing for road material.
Quantity Survey Course in Dubai

Benefits of Certified Quantity Surveying Course in Dubai:

  • Quantity Surveying Course in Dubai by our trained experts. 
  • You will get both Institutional certificate and the KHDA certificate. 
  • Spoton provides you the facility to schedule the classes according to your availability. 
  •  You will get the Certified Quantity Surveying study materials to study further.
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    I recently completed my Interior designing softwares and it was an amazing experience. I studied AutoCad, Revit and SketchUp here. The time schedule was really flexible. I had two tutors and one of them was Sarath sir, he was very helpful and improved me a lot in software skills and as well as other professional skills. And to specially mention, all the tutors and staffs were friendly and supportive. There are many other courses in this institute and I strongly recommend to try those here.

    Firoz Bin Saif
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    I just completed my VAT course at the Spoton training institute. I was new to Dubai and was a little scared to explore and learn new things but my trainer made it very easy, he made the course interesting and delivered it simply. If any doubt arrives in the class he will clear that doubt with some examples from his work experience so that I can understand easily. I got more knowledge from this class, so I thank spoton institute.

    Aleena Shaji
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    My experience working with Spoton has been nothing but incredible. I was always presented with opportunities to learn and grow professionally and personally with regard to my field in Cybersecurity. It is a blessing to form relationships and work with gifted and intelligent individuals who are just as passionate about what they do as I am. Spoton is definitely a great company, and I hope to do more work with them in the future.

    Suzanne Peiris
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    I had a fantastic experience with the fashion designing course at Spoton Training Institute . The curriculum covered a diverse range of topics, including fashion digital illustration, fashion draping, garment construction, and pattern making. Ayana, our trainer, was exceptional, providing thorough guidance and expertise. The classes were engaging, and the overall atmosphere was conducive to learning. I highly recommend this institute for anyone looking to pursue a comprehensive and hands-on fashion design education.

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    I recently completed the VAT course at SpotOn, taking online classes . I’m pleased to say it was an excellent experience. Jiss Thomas’s was my trainer and his teaching was comprehensive, making complex topics easy to grasp. The online platform was user-friendly, ensuring a smooth learning process. I highly recommend SpotOn for their VAT course, especially for the convenience of online learning and the expertise of trainers like Jiss Thomas.

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    Frequently Asked Questions?

    • Certified Quantity Surveyor Course in Dubai helps communicate effectively
    • To face for the interviews 
    • To find a better job opportunity
    • To speak with different nationalities
    • We engage the students in more practical sessions with our certified trainers.
    • We provide Online and offline mode for Certified Quantity Surveyor Course
    • We have Cambridge certified trainers with corporate level experienced for Certified Quantity Surveyor Course.
    • You will get more practical knowledge than theory.
    • You will be trained by Certified Quantity Surveyor experts.
    • You will get both institutional certificate and the KHDA certificate.
    • Spoton provides you the facility to schedule the classes according to your availability.
    • You will get the study materials to study further.
    • Certified Quantity Surveyor course is about how we use the English theoretical knowledge into practice.
    • Certified Quantity Surveyor Course is designed approximately one and half months.
    • The duration can be adjustable according to your needs.
    • If you need to complete the course as soon as possible we can provide you for fast track.
    • Certified Quantity Surveyor Class will depend on the student’s and the trainer’s availability.
    • You can select any three days including both weekdays and weekends.
    • Timing will be flexible ( 2 hours per day)
    • It is open from 9.30am-9.00pm

    SpotOn Institute offer two Certificates:

    • Institutional certificate
    • KHDA certificate (Knowledge & Human Development Authority of Dubai)

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