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Sales and Marketing Course in Dubai

Overview of Sales and Marketing Course in Dubai:

Marketing is all about identifying your business’ target market and creating strategies for reaching those customers. Sales is about the strategies the business will use to sell products and services and increase revenue. The sales plan therefore often forms part of the larger marketing strategy

Who is it for:

Sales and Marketing is a business-focused subject, so you’ll be exposed to much more than just creativity. You’ll learn how to set budgets, find new customers, enter international markets, and decide on prices or profits.

Syllabus Modules:

Development And Role of Selling in a Market:

  •   Background
  •   The nature and role of selling
  •   Types Of Selling
  •   Image Of Selling
  •   The Nature And Role Of Sales Management
  •   The Marketing concept
  •   Implementing the marketing concept
  •   The Relationship between sales and marketing

Sales Strategies  

  • Sales and marketing planning  
  • The Planning process

Sales skills Enhancement  

  • Elevate the capabilities of sales professionals  
  • Refine and strengthen skills such as communication, relationship building, objection handling and closing techniques.  
  • Real-world case studies

Time Management  

  • Empowering individuals to optimize their productivity and efficiency.  
  • Covers strategies for effective task prioritization, goal setting, and overcoming common time-wasting challenges.  
  • Learn practical techniques to enhance focus, meet deadlines, and achieve a better work-life balance.  
  • Equips individuals with the essential skills to manage their time more strategically and accomplish their objectives efficiently

Stress Management  

  • Equip individuals with practical tools to effectively cope with and reduce stress in both personal and professional life.  
  • Learn strategies for identifying stress triggers, practicing mindfulness, and developing resilience.  
  • Practical techniques such as time management, relaxation exercises, and positive coping mechanisms to enhance overall well-being.  
  • Individuals gain valuable skills to navigate challenges, improve mental health, and maintain a healthier work-life balance

Strategic Sales Planning  

  • Develop a strategic mindset and enhance planning skills for improved sales outcomes.  
  • Covers key elements such as market analysis, target identification, and goal setting. Participants learn to create effective sales strategies, develop action plans, and adapt to market dynamics.  
  • Practical exercises and case studies

Consumer Behavior And Organizational buyer behavior:  

  • Differences between consumer and organizational buying  
  • Consumer buyer behavior  
  • Factors affecting the consumer decision-making process  
  • Organizational buyer behavior

 Sales Technique  

  • Sales Responsibilities  
  • Preparation

Personal Selling Skills

  • The opening  
  • Need and problem identification  
  • The Presentation and demonstration  
  • Dealing with objections  
  • Negotiation  
  • Closing the sale  
  • Follow-up
Marketing And Marketing Management

Consumer behavior  

  • Complex buying behavior.  
  • Dissonance-reducing buying behavior.  
  • Habitual buying behavior.  
  • Variety seeking behavior

Managerial Communications

  • Business Communication skills.  
  • B2B,C2C,B2C etc  
  • Consumer perception and strategies

Forecasting, modeling and marketing strategies  

  • Forecasting Techniques  
  • Demand And Supply  
  • Forecast Model  
  • Marketing analysis and strategies

New Product strategy, branding, and marketing  

  • Name, logo, branding.  
  • Brand Positioning  
  • Content marketing strategy

International and multi-national marketing 

  • Difference between international and multinational marketing.  
  • International marketing management.  
  • Global Market Tactics

Advertising Management  

  • Process of advertising and selling products and services
  • Basics of Digital Marketing

    Sales and Marketing Student Reviews

    I recently completed the Sales and Marketing course at Spoton Training institute. I had no prior experience with Sales, so I was looking for a course that would teach me the basics. The Spoton Training institute was well-structured and comprehensive, and I learned a lot. The instructors were knowledgeable and engaging, and they were always available to answer questions. The course also included hands-on exercises, which helped me to solidify my understanding of the material.

    Overall, I was very happy with the Sales and Marketing at Spoton Training institute. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning more about Sales and Marketing.

    Thank You Spoton for your support.

    Sandhya Jithesh -

    Student Testimonials

    Google Verified Reviews

    I recently completed my Interior designing softwares and it was an amazing experience. I studied AutoCad, Revit and SketchUp here. The time schedule was really flexible. I had two tutors and one of them was Sarath sir, he was very helpful and improved me a lot in software skills and as well as other professional skills. And to specially mention, all the tutors and staffs were friendly and supportive. There are many other courses in this institute and I strongly recommend to try those here.

    Firoz Bin Saif
    Student, Spoton Institute

    I just completed my VAT course at the Spoton training institute. I was new to Dubai and was a little scared to explore and learn new things but my trainer made it very easy, he made the course interesting and delivered it simply. If any doubt arrives in the class he will clear that doubt with some examples from his work experience so that I can understand easily. I got more knowledge from this class, so I thank spoton institute.

    Aleena Shaji
    Student, Spoton Institute

    My experience working with Spoton has been nothing but incredible. I was always presented with opportunities to learn and grow professionally and personally with regard to my field in Cybersecurity. It is a blessing to form relationships and work with gifted and intelligent individuals who are just as passionate about what they do as I am. Spoton is definitely a great company, and I hope to do more work with them in the future.

    Suzanne Peiris
    Student, Spoton Institute

    I had a fantastic experience with the fashion designing course at Spoton Training Institute . The curriculum covered a diverse range of topics, including fashion digital illustration, fashion draping, garment construction, and pattern making. Ayana, our trainer, was exceptional, providing thorough guidance and expertise. The classes were engaging, and the overall atmosphere was conducive to learning. I highly recommend this institute for anyone looking to pursue a comprehensive and hands-on fashion design education.

    Shalu Singh
    Student, Spoton Institute

    I recently completed the VAT course at SpotOn, taking online classes . I’m pleased to say it was an excellent experience. Jiss Thomas’s was my trainer and his teaching was comprehensive, making complex topics easy to grasp. The online platform was user-friendly, ensuring a smooth learning process. I highly recommend SpotOn for their VAT course, especially for the convenience of online learning and the expertise of trainers like Jiss Thomas.

    Vidhya MV
    Student, Spoton Institute

    I had a great professional training experiences on Executive Secretary courses from Spot On Institute. Thankful to ma’am Archana for her dedicated teaching and understanding of this course. It has helped me in better understanding of my training journey and it’s really worth the time and energy for choosing this institute. Every staff was quite friendly and respectful towards the students as well which was really great experience for me personally. You should definitely choose the Spot On Institute to enhance your career. No regrets 💯

    dreamhigh bekka
    Student, Spoton Institute

    My instructor was highly knowledgeable, and the curriculum was comprehensive. The institution’s commitment to providing hands-on training and real-world scenarios truly prepared me for a successful career in medical coding. The support and resources available to students were exceptional, and I felt well-supported throughout my journey. I highly recommend Spoton to anyone looking to pursue a career in medical coding. Thank you for a great learning experience!”

    Sujitha KV
    Student, Spoton Institute

    You are such a wonderful facilitator. You made the training more lively and comprehensible. I enjoyed every bit of what you taught. Thank you.
    This is really what I needed at the moment in my business. The training enlightened my understanding of the skills to adopt in my professional role. Thank you for the training. The best trainer Mr. Abdul salam mubarak who teach me clearly and understandable once again thank you so much sir.

    shaik saleem
    Student, Spoton Institute

    Nice institution friendly. Great support from mangers and lectures. Experienced lectures teaching it’s amazing with simple logic. If anyone looking for course these the best institution I prefer. Thank to nadini Manisha aviya and soja and super lecture shibil 😍😍😍 SPOTON
    Excel and accounts vat completed. With good knowledge

    razi khalifa
    Student, Spoton Institute

    Need to be an Expert in Sales & Marketing

    Frequently Asked Questions?

    • To become a professional Data Analysts 
    • To write your programs successfully
    • You will get free career counselling and mentorship by industry the trainers.
    • We engage the students in more practical sessions with our certified trainers.
    • We provide Online and offline mode for Data Science Course
    • We have certified trainers with corporate level experienced for Data Science Course.
    • You will get more practical knowledge than theory.
    • You will be trained by Data Science experts.
    • You will get both institutional certificate and the KHDA certificate.
    • Spoton provides you the facility to schedule the classes according to your availability.
    • You will get the study materials to study further.

    It is all about improving your data science knowledge and python programming language skills.

    • Data Science Course is designed approximately one and half months.
    • The duration can be adjustable according to your needs. 
    • If you need to complete the course as soon as possible we can provide you the facility for fast track
    • Data Science Class will depend on the student’s and the trainer’s availability.
    • You can select any three days including both weekdays and weekends.
    • Timing will be flexible ( 2 hours per day)
    • It is open from 9.30am-9.00pm

    We offer two certificate:

    • Institutional certificate
    • KHDA certificate (Knowledge & Human Development Authority of Dubai)

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