Hospitality & Hotel Management Course in Dubai

Overview of Hotel Management Course in Dubai:

Hospitality is one of the rapidly expanding and growing industries offering a hoard of opportunities across different domains. Seen as a promising area to make a career in, innumerable candidates see this as an option to pursue an education in this field. Speculating the demand for these courses, We have different programs under this discipline.

A hospitality unit such as a restaurant, hotel, or an amusement park consists of units such as facility maintenance and direct operations (servers, housekeepers, porters, kitchen workers, bartenders, management, marketing, and human resources, etc.).

Hospitality Course in Dubai

1. Food And Beverages:

The food and beverage sector which is professionally known by its initials as F&B is the largest segment of the hospitality industry.

The F&B industry is estimated to provide 50% of all meals every day. It comprises of establishments primarily engaged in preparing meals, snacks, and beverages for immediate consumption on and off the premises. When a restaurant is part of a hotel, services it renders can enhance the guest experience by providing excellent food and first-class customer service.

Hotel Management Course in Dubai

2. Travel and Tourism:

Travel and tourism deal with services related to moving people from place to place. Buses, cabs, planes, ships, trains and so on are all part of the travel industry.

Leisure travel is when a person spends money on lodging, food, and recreation while taking a vacation trip, and business travel is when a person travels for work and spends money on lodging and food. Some people also spend on recreation while on a business travel.

The major function of the tourism is to encourage people to travel. When people travel, either for business or leisure, they spend money on hospitality.

hospitality and hotel management course

3. Lodging:

Lodging means accommodation for a period or a place to sleep for one or more nights. Fancy hotels, youth hostels, elder hostels, campgrounds, motels and other businesses that provide a place for people to sleep overnight are all in the lodging industry.

Lodging businesses markets to other market segments such as business travelers, leisure travelers, long-stay travelers, budget travelers, and special travelers like people working with the government, airlines, and military. 

Hotel Management Course in Dubai

Benefits of Hospitality & Hotel Management Course in Dubai:

  • You will get engaged with more practical sessions with the trainer.
  • Hospitality & Hotel Management Course in Dubai by experts.
  • You will get both institutional certificate and the KHDA certificate.
  • Spoton provides you the facility to schedule the classes according to your availability.
  • Hospitality & Hotel Management Course in Dubai gives the study materials after each and every sessions.

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