The main objective of this course is to establish, develop, and strengthen the core skills of the English language: speaking and pronunciation, listening, reading, writing,  grammar for real-world applications that aid students to succeed in social and  professional settings. The main attention is drawn to accuracy in terms of formulating syntactic structures, and enrichment of lexis, a strong emphasis on error  correction as well as pronunciation correction. The course emphasizes on students general competence in the English language, such as: 

Receptive Skills

  • Ability to understand native speakers (speaking)
  • Ability to understand written English

Productive Skills

  • Ability to formulate precise sentences (Grammar)
  • Ability to communicate well (Speaking)
  • Ability to be understood by others (Pronunciation)
  • Ability to expand the range of vocabulary, useful phrases, and idioms

Choose this course to:

  • Communicate more effectively in English
  • Improve your English language skills (e.g. Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing)
  • Voice your ideas and communicate accurately with both native and non-native speakers
  • Increase your confidence as a learner of English

This course is for:

  • Language learners of all competency levels (Min. Elementary)
  • Proficiency Levels (Elementary to Advanced)

Candidates who want to acquire expertise in spoken english should get enrolled themselves