C & C++ Programming Course in Dubai

Course Overview:

C is the very original, it’s the ‘portable’ language that gets used on nearly all machines for running compilers and controlling the core functions of an operating system. C has now become a widely used professional language for various reasons.

  • It has high-level constructs.
  • It can handle low-level activities.
  • It produces efficient programs.
  • It can be compiled on a variety of computers.

C++ is an object-oriented programming language that was first developed by Bjarne Stroustrup. It’s an extension of the C programming language. C++ is a truly hybrid language, where you can learn C++ and you will jump forward into building rich applications for Windows OS. Spoton training institute is giving quality C++ training in Dubai for those based out here. So, are you a student or a professional working in a company, you are welcome to attend our training sessions to learn the advances in this language.

C++ is highly flexible and is used for various applications. It’s used extensively for applications that depend highly on GUI. For example, several value programs and device drivers are written in C programming language, whereas apps software with many user dialogs is written in C++. If you want to be a very successful programmer, then C++ Training is very much essential.


  • To learn the significance, advantages, and characteristics of C++.
  • To know the concept of Object-Oriented Programming.
  • To understand how to take over parent class into child class using inheritance concept.
  • To understand the idea of polymorphism, that will help to execute the object of the class in many forms.
  • To study and write the information from a text file and binary file and also take care of faults during file operations by making use of IO Streams concept.

  • To understand how to take care of exception and throwing it to the catch block utilizing the idea of exceptions.
  • To study how to put into practice the idea of generic in programming.
  • To understand the idea of categorizing elements and finding an element from the elements collection.
  • To understand how to insert, remove, and search the element in linked list, stack, and queue.
  • To learn the idea of trees and graphs.
C++ Course Training in Dubai

Course Content:

Chapter 1.Introduction of Programming Languages

1.1 Types of Languages
1.2 Evolution of ‘C’ Language
1.3 Structure of a ‘C’ Program
1.4 ‘C’ Program development life cycle
1.5 Executing and Debugging a ‘C’ Program

Chapter 2.‘C’ Tokens

2.1 Keywords and Identifiers
2.2 Operators
2.3 Constants
2.4 Variables
2.5 Data Types
2.6 Precedence of Operators
2.7 Scope and Lifetime of Variables

Chapter 3.Control Statement and Expressions

3.1 Decision Making using if statement
3.2 Types of if …else block
3.3 Switch case Block
3.4 Arithmetic Expressions
3.5 Evaluation of Expressions
3.6 GOTO statement

Chapter 4. Looping

4.1 Concept of Loop
4.2 For loop
4.3 While loop
4.4 Do while loop
4.5 Jumping in Loop
4.6 break and continue statement

Chapter 5. Arrays and String

5.1 Introduction of Array
5.2 One – D Array
5.3 Two – D Array
5.4 Multidimensional Array
5.5 Dynamic Arrays
5.6 Implementing String Variables
5.7 String handling Functions

Chapter 6. Functions

6.1 Concept of Function
6.2 User defined Function
6.3 System Defined Function
6.4 Types of parameter passing in function

Chapter 7. Pointers

7.1 Need of Pointers
7.2 Types of Pointers
7.3 Pointer Expression
7.4 Arrays of Pointers

Chapter 8. Structure and Unions

8.1 Need of Structure
8.2 Implementing Structure Variable
8.3 Structure within Structure
8.4 Introduction of Unions
8.5 Difference between Structure and Unions

Chapter 9. File Handling using ‘C’

9.1 Opening and Closing File
9.2 Input / Output operations on File
9.3 Random Access to Files
9.4 Command Line Arguments

CHAPTER -10 Dynamic Memory Allocation

10.1 Concept of Dynamic Allocation
10.2 Implementing Malloc and Calloc Functions
10.3 Releasing the free space

CHAPTER – 11 Storage Classes and Pre-processor

11.1 Introduction of Storage Class
11.2 Types of Storage Classes
11.3 Introduction of Pre-processor
11.4 Macro Substitution

CHAPTER – 12 Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

12.1 Concept of OOP
12.2 Features of OOP
12.3 Introduction of ‘C++’
12.4 Variables
12.5 User Input
12.6 Data Types
12.7 Operators
12.8 C++ Strings
12.9 C++ Booleans
12.1.1 C++ Conditions
12.1.2 C++ Switch
12.1.3 C++ While Loop
12.1.4 C++ For Loop
12.1.5 C++ Break/Continue
12.1.6 C++ Arrays
12.1.7 C++ References
12.1.8 C++ Pointers

12.4 Structure of ‘C++’ program

  • Class, Objects & Class methods
  • Concepts of Inheritance
  • Abstractions and encapsulation
  • Polymorphism Concepts
  • Function Overloading

12.5 Executing and Debugging a ‘C++’ Program

CHAPTER – 13 ‘C++’ Tokens and Type Casting

Benefits of C and C++ Course in Dubai:

  • You will get engaged with more practical sessions with the trainer.
  • C and C++ Course in Dubai by experts.
  • You will get both institutional certificate and the KHDA certificate.
  • Spoton provides you the facility to schedule the classes according to your availability.
  • C and C++ Course in Dubai gives the study materials after each and every sessions
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    The training was clear and detailed and best instructor.  I like graphic designer course, Their training contains many of Practice Sessions.  I did thank you spot on institute

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    I did my MS OFFICE course in spot on and was very impressed with their team and especially Nandini mam who taught me in a way that, I highly recommend because they are Spot on.

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    I had great learning experience in Spoton Training Institute. Like; professionals trainers, very supportive staff. I done my 2D & 3D AUTOCAD with this Institute. Thank You Spot on.

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    • You will get both institutional certificate and the KHDA certificate.
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    • This course is about how we use the English theoretical knowledge into practice.
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