Course Overview

MATLAB training course provided by SpotOn is a comprehensive introduction to the MATLAB technical computing environment. The MATLAB class is intended for beginning users and those looking for a review. No prior programming experience or knowledge of MATLAB programming or MATLAB CODE is assumed. Topics include themes of data analysis, visualization, modeling, and programming are explored throughout the course. Becoming a certified MATLAB Associate is the first step in the MATLAB certification.

What we learn

It enables you to solve many numerical problems in a fraction of the time it takes to write a program in a lower-level language such as Java, C, C++, or Fortran. You can also use MATLAB to analyze and visualize data using automation capabilities, thereby avoiding the manual repetition common with other products.

Course Outline

  • Plotting data Customizing plots
  • Analysis and Visualization with Vectors
  • Analysis and Visualization with Matrices
  • Automating Commands with Scripts
  • Data Analysis
  • Troubleshooting Code and Improving Performance
  • Variables and Expressions
  • Analysis and Visualization with Vectors
  • Working with Data Files
  • Logic and Flow Control

KHDA Certificate

Course completion certificate attested by KHDA(Knowledge and Human Development Authority), UAE.

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