Arabic Class in Dubai

Do you really want to become fluent in Arabic Language? Arabic Class in Dubai is absolutely for the students who wants to learn Arabic from beginner level to the advanced level. You will be very comfortable with this language after following this course at Spoton. You would be able to pronounce the words easily especially at the beginning of the course. This will provide you the proper guidance for a better communication when using Arabic language.

Elementary Arabic Language Class:

This is a challenging but rewarding endeavor for the learners who has no prior knowledge of the language and would like to understand and speak basic phrases and familiar words to interact in a simple way. 

Course Outline

  • Writing Skills would be added also as self-test
  • Part of Speech and Tests
  • Connecting Letters
  • Reading & Writing

Arabic Class Syllabus:

Arabic Class in Dubai - From level 1 beginners to level 3 advanced

Arabic Language Class is designed for those who don’t know even Arabic alphabets. In three steps, the learner can read and write Arabic words and sentences.

Arabic Language Class teaches learners basic and its grammar, specially vowels, cases, parts of speech and tenses of Arabic verbs etc. The learner of this course will get basic knowledge of Arabic language, & will be able to read and write Arabic words, sentences properly.


Arabic Language Class Outline:

  • Vowels
  • Arabic Verb and Tenses
  • Simple Conversations

Based on student need, your instructor may have to adjust the course content as well as the composition and skill level of the student. Learning to read well in Arabic has a spill over effect into many other areas of your Arabic language learning. Reading helps to develop proficiency in Arabic, and will strengthen all of the other skills (listening, speaking, and writing).


Arabic Language Class Outline: 

  • Connecting letters 
  • Reading sentences  
  • Writing practice 
  • Arabic vocabulary

Advanced Arabic Class in Dubai for students who can speak Arabic fluently and without mistakes. The syllabus of the course covers nominal part of grammar, reading and speaking based on vocabularies, useful phrases and sentences. As well as verbal part of grammar and topic based speaking & conversation.
The course takes an easy approach, based on reading of text with transliterated words and sentences, illustrated pictures, with the help of oral lecture. The classes of this course will be interactive; face to face through digital platform like Google meet.

This course will enable the learners to speak Arabic language, and interact with Arabic speaking peoples properly, as well as they can ready Arabic writings.


Arabic Language Class Outline:

  •  Grammar
  •  Reading   sentences 
  •  Speaking, memorization of Arabic vocabularies.

Outlines of Arabic Class in Dubai:

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    Student Testimonials

    I have done Arabic language training at Spoton Training Institute. The Trainer Mr. Ahmed Moosa is an awesome personality with good patience. He delivered the best as expected.

    Althaf Noor
    Student, Spoton Institute

    I learned Advanced Excel courses in Spoton training Institute. it is more practice sessions and information from them.
    Thank you Spoton!

    Menbere Tekaligne
    Student, Spoton Institute

    The training was clear and detailed and best instructor.  I like graphic designer course, Their training contains many of Practice Sessions.  I did thank you spot on institute

    Roman Reigns
    Student, Spoton Institute

    I did my MS OFFICE course in spot on and was very impressed with their team and especially Nandini mam who taught me in a way that, I highly recommend because they are Spot on.

    Mercy Rajam
    Student, Spoton Institute

    I had great learning experience in Spoton Training Institute. Like; professionals trainers, very supportive staff. I done my 2D & 3D AUTOCAD with this Institute. Thank You Spot on.

    Sachin Bhagwat
    Student, Spoton Institute


    Frequently Asked Questions?

    • Arabic is one of the easiest languages on earth. We need to find opportunities to practice the language.
    • You will be more comfortable while having conversations with Arabic-speaking people.
    • Approximately it will take 3 months to reach the intermediate level of Arabic.
    • If you are a dedicated learner you can learn it as fast as possible. It depends on your speed of  grasping the knowledge.
    • Arabic is spoken by more than 422 million people around the world.
    • There are 30 modern types, including Modern Standard Arabic. These varieties of Arabic can be spoken in places around the world.
    • Yes of course, If you prefer to learn Arabic while staying at home you can have online classes.

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