Welcome to the best Arabic language course on spoton! This course is for absolute beginners to advanced level. This course includes the easy part, which is good for beginners and the part where things become serious, and it becomes even more difficult, such as level 2 Grammar and vocabulary, then to level 3 and so on. Afterwards you will be ready to start reading intermediate Arabic books, newspapers, and much more. You would be able to pronounce the words easily especially at the beginning of the course.

Arabic: From level 1 beginners to level 3 advanced


This course is designed for those who don’t know even Arabic alphabets. In three steps, the learner can read and write Arabic words and sentences.
This course teaches learners’ basic Arabic language and its grammar, specially vowels, cases, parts of speech and tenses of Arabic verbs etc.
The learner of this course will get basic knowledge of Arabic language, & will be able to read and write Arabic words, sentences properly.

Course Outline

  • Vowels
  • Arabic verb and tenses
  • Simple Conversations


This is a challenging but rewarding endeavor. Learners who has no prior knowledge of the language and would like to understand and speak basic phrases and familiar words to interact in a simple way. Plural form of the Personal and Possessive Pronouns (You / your) referring to the feminine nouns. The plural form of the simple feminine verbs connected to the pronoun. The words for ‘before’ and ‘after’.

Course Outline

  • Writing skills would be added also as self-test
  • Part of speech and Tests
  • Connecting letters
  • Reading & Writing


Based on student need, your instructor may have to adjust the course content as well as the composition and skill level of the student. Learning to read well in Arabic has a spill over effect into many other areas of your Arabic language learning. Reading helps to develop proficiency in Arabic, and will strengthen all of the other skills (listening, speaking, and writing).

Course Outline

  • Connecting letters
  • Reading sentences
  • Writing practice
  • Arabic vocabulary


Advanced Arabic courses are for students who can speak Arabic fluently and without mistakes. The syllabus of the course covers nominal part of grammar, reading and speaking based on vocabularies, useful phrases and sentences. As well as verbal part of grammar and topic based speaking & conversation.
The course takes an easy approach, based on reading of text with transliterated words and sentences, illustrated pictures, with the help of oral lecture. The classes of this course will be interactive; face to face through digital platform like Google meet.
This course will enable the learners to speak Arabic language, and interact with Arabic speaking peoples properly, as well as they can ready Arabic writings.

Course Outline

  • Grammar
  • Reading of sentences
  • Speaking, memorization of Arabic vocabularies.

Candidates who want to acquire expertise in arabic language should get enrolled themselves