SAP Course in Dubai

Any additional skill will always give a push in climbing your career ladder. If it is an SAP Certification the push you get will be of high intensity. It can yield you immense benefits in your career development. SAP Certification Program has around 150 Certifications.

Students trained in SAP Course can create information warehouses, design input screens, and access data tables. There are plenty of programs that can be associated with this software but SAP ERP is widely popular of all of them.

Course Outline

  • Unique role of data analysts
  • Gathering of difference source of data and generate incredible insightful reports
  • It provides business users with visibility into business operations with the goal of improving financial strategies, planning, and analysis across all facets of the enterprise.


  • Understand the latest developments, capabilities and concepts of SAP
  • SAP has always been exciting and improves your chances of getting hired
  • To help your company become more agile - gaining organizational alignment and excellence in financial and operational performance management
  • Anybody can take this course without the need for any specific skill sets.

KHDA Certificate

Course completion certificate attested by KHDA(Knowledge and Human Development Authority), UAE.

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