Communication Skill Course in Dubai

Communication Skills are the most important personal skills you can should develop for a better career. Life is a series of communication. Those who develop strong communication skills do well in school, secure jobs and promotions and often ascend to the highest levels of leadership in corporations, governments and civic life. People who fail to develop communication skills often have their careers stagnate or plateau in the mid-range. This course is designed to be a one stop shop for all your communication skills training needs. This course covers a vast array of communication needs and scenarios such as how to communicate during a job interview, pitching investors, asking for a raise, speaking face to face or in large groups. It covers how to speak to big corporations when you have a problem with service, how to deliver a wedding speech and even a eulogy.You will also become a master of persuasion, assertiveness and all aspects of business communication. Your leadership abilities will expand dramatically as your social skills grow to allow you to communicate effectively in each and every situation.

Course Overview

This course contains how to communicate effectively at work and understand each other easily. You’ll learn how to develop trust, the best methods of communication for negotiation, and how to apologize. You’ll also learn when to cooperate and when to compete, how to create persuasive messages, ask thoughtful questions, engage in active listening, and choose the right medium in face-to-face conversations, video conference, phone call or email. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to understand what others want, respond strategically to their needs, craft convincing and clear messages, and develop the critical communication skills you need to get ahead in business and in personal life.

Communication Skills Course Syllabus:

Course Outline

  • What is
  • Why it is important
  • Types of Communication
  • Nonverbal Communication
  • Barriers of Communication
  • Communicative strategies
  • English Grammar and usage
         – Parts of speech 
         – Articles
         – Grammatical structures ( tenses )
         – Greetings
         – Conclusions
         – Connectives
  • Business Communication
         – Business conversations
         – Emails
         – Business letters
  • Preparing for a career ( Applying for jobs/ Interviews/ Dress code )
  • Presentation Skills ( Stage fear/ Greeting and introduction/ Body language / Self Confidence )
  • Listening skills  

Why this Course is Important to Your Career?

  • This course will guide you how to create persuasive messages and ask thoughtful questions.
  • This course will empower your ability to communicate
  • You will learn how to understand the other personalities strategically.

How we Do Communication Skills Course Teaching?

  • More practical skill training sessions for communication skills.

Benefits of Communication Skills Course?

  • Develop excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Develop excellent critical thinking skills
  • Develop effective tools for research, organization and presentation
  • Guide for your career Growth
  • Enhance Your Communication Skills
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    I have done Arabic language training at Spoton Training Institute. The Trainer Mr. Ahmed Moosa is an awesome personality with good patience. He delivered the best as expected.

    Althaf Noor
    Student, Spoton Institute

    I learned Advanced Excel courses in Spoton training Institute. it is more practice sessions and information from them.
    Thank you Spoton!

    Menbere Tekaligne
    Student, Spoton Institute

    The training was clear and detailed and best instructor.  I like graphic designer course, Their training contains many of Practice Sessions.  I did thank you spot on institute

    Roman Reigns
    Student, Spoton Institute

    I did my MS OFFICE course in spot on and was very impressed with their team and especially Nandini mam who taught me in a way that, I highly recommend because they are Spot on.

    Mercy Rajam
    Student, Spoton Institute

    I had great learning experience in Spoton Training Institute. Like; professionals trainers, very supportive staff. I done my 2D & 3D AUTOCAD with this Institute. Thank You Spot on.

    Sachin Bhagwat
    Student, Spoton Institute


    Frequently Asked Questions?

    • This course will guide you how to create persuasive messages and ask thoughtful questions.
    • This course will empower your ability to communicate
    • You will learn how to understand the other personalities strategically.
    • More practical skill training sessions for communication skills.
    • Practicing for interview sessions
    • Online and offline
    • We have well experienced trainers for this course.
    • You will be trained by experts.
    • Spoton provides you the facility to schedule the classes according to your availability.
    • You will get the study materials to study further.
    • It is all about improving your skills based on communication strategies.
    • Its’ nearly one and half months duration.
    • The course is designed approximately one and half months.
    • The duration can be adjustable according to your needs.
    • If you need to complete the course as soon as possible we can provide you the facility for fast track.
    • It will depend on the student’s and the trainer’s availability.
    • You can select any three days including both weekdays and weekends.
    • Timing will be flexible ( 2 hours per day)
    • It is open from 9.30am-9.00pm

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