This Pre-Intermediate English as a Second Language course helps students with a current EmSAT score lower than the normal score to develop their reading and grammar skills. Students will develop exam strategies to prepare them for the reading and vocabulary sections of their exam.
Additionally, students will develop writing, grammar, and vocabulary skills. The course will consolidate and expand upon basic grammatical knowledge in writing and speaking. The course will also teach exam strategies for the writing & grammar sections of the exam. Students will develop an understanding of the different writing & grammar tasks on the exam and an awareness of appropriate discourse structures for exam writing tasks.



The EmSAT English Achieve assesses the extent to which a test taker is ready to study in an English‐medium college or university. It is a computer‐based exam and has six major sections – Grammar, Vocabulary, Sentence Construction, Cloze Reading, Extended Reading, and Writing. Test sections, questions, and options are randomized for most of the test. Sections and subsections of the test are timed by the computer. Test-takers can see how much time they have been through.

Course Outline

  • EmSAT Exam Strategies
  • Essay writing
  • EmSAT Reading, Writing, and Listening Tasks
  • How to be more effective during the test
  • How to improve your reading skills
  • How to be more effective on solving mathematical problems
  • Fostering Science skills


Advance assesses the English proficiency levels of students through their progression from grades 4 to 10. Tests are taken by students in each of Grades 4, 6, 8 and 10. The exams focus primarily on grammar, vocabulary, and reading skills. Exams are constructed using The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) as a basic conceptual framework.

Course Outline

  • How to effectively navigate the sections of the test
  • Effective guidelines for cracking the test
  • Helpful tips to prepare you for the test
  • Ways to manage your time during the test
  • Where to find additional resources available for the test
  • How to minimize the errors
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