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    revit architecture Course Training

    Overview of Revit Architecture Course in Dubai:

    This Revit architecture course in Dubai will teach you the basic drawing and editing tools, it is also included creating walls, doors, windows and roofs in 3D by converting surfaces on solid masses.

    • Learn Revit Architecture Course in Dubai from Industry Experts
    • Cover major domains
    • Hands on training in Revit Architecture Fundamentals
    • Revit Architecture Software Projects and assessment procedure.
    • Learn Revit Architecture essential Course Training from Basic to Advanced Level.

    Why you should Enroll for Revit Architecture Course in Dubai:

    • Undergoing Best Revit Architecture Course in Dubai enables architects to quickly create a mass (block) model of a layout along with a site plan for primary presentations. This acts as a preview of the final design before construction.
    • As Revit Architecture Fundamentals is designed for the smooth implementation of the BIM process, this software helps to create a BIM model and it acts as a vital software for BIM.
    • 3D models created in Revit Architecture Software, It provide a rough estimate of the costs and materials required to build the model. It provides a Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and Bill of Materials (BOM). This helps to create cost-efficient design models.
    • Parametric models, a feature in Revit Architecture Course in Dubai, helps to apply changes to the model easily. A change applied to any given view (plan view) of the model simultaneously updates other views (sections, elevations, 3D views) of the model.
    • Create construction documents (CD sets), shop drawings, installation drawings, work with multiple users and save their work to a central file, collaborate on shared models across LAN and streamline data management with Revit Architecture Structure.
    • Using the plug-in V-Ray as well as cloud-based services, 3D models can be enhanced to showcase a life like model to end customers for the purpose of sales and marketing.
    Revit Architecture Course in Dubai

    Learning Outcomes of Revit Architecture Course in dubai:

    Revit Architecture Course in Dubai, is covering all aspects of Revit Software working Strategies. Revit Architecture Course in Dubai covers everything from a review of each of the key functionality and how it is used in a design project through to creating customised views and the best use of Revit Architecture Course in Dubai templates and libraries.

    Content of Revit Architecture Course in Dubai:

    Detail Syllabus of Revit Architecture Course in Dubai:
    1. Interface Basics
      1.1. Getting familiar with the user Interface
      1.2. View Navigation
      1.3. Selection
    2. Starting a Project
      2.1. Creating a new project from a template
      2.2. Creating and configuring a new project
      2.3. Adding levels
      2.4. Adding grids
      2.5. Refining a layout with temporary dimensions
      2.6. Adding Columns
    3. Modelling Basics
      3.1. Adding Walls
      3.2. Wall Properties and types
      3.3. Using snaps
      3.4. Locating walls
      3.5. Using the modify tools
      3.6. Adding doors
      3.7. Adding windows
      3.8. Wall joins
    4. Links, Imports and Groups
      4.1. Linking DWG files
      4.2. Creating topography from a DWG links
      4.3. CAD Inserts
      4.4. Import Tips
      4.5. Creating Groups
      4.6. Mirroring groups to create a layout
      4.7. Creating Revit links
      4.8. Managing links
    5. Sketch-Based Modelling Components
      5.1. Creating Floors
      5.2. Creating Footprint roofs
      5.3. Attaching walls to roofs
      5.4. Creating extrusion roofs
      5.5. Using the shape editing tools to create a flat roof
      5.6. Working with slope arrows
      5.7. Creating ceilings
      5.8. Modifying ceilings
      5.9. Adding Openings
    6. Stairs
      6.1. Adding Stairs
      6.2. Editing Stairs
      6.3. Adding Railings
      6.4. Adding Extensions to Railings

    Benefits of Revit Architecture Course in Dubai:

    • Highly Efficient. Revit Structure is known for its precision and accuracy. 
    • Exposure to BIM.
    • Opens Internship Opportunities. 
    • Revit Architecture Course in Dubai creates Stronger Portfolio for you.
    Revit Architecture Course in Dubai
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      revit structure Course Training

      Revit Structure Course Overview:

      Revit Structure Course can be used to model foundations and sub- and superstructures. Using this software, create detailed 3D models for concrete RCC, steel and wooden structures. These models provide in-depth information regarding a structure’s foundation, its beams, columns, pillars, etc. Further, with Revit Structure, prepare detailed shop drawing documents and extract BBS (Bar Bending Schedules), connect steel design workflows and create accurate steel and concrete designs.

      Revit Structure Course Training in Dubai

      What you will Learn in Revit Structure Course:


      02.Setting Up the Project

      03.Grids and Columns


      05.Steel Framing

      • Adding perimeter beams
      • Adding beam systems
      • Modifying beam systems
      • Copy paste aligned
      • Altering beam elevations
      • Adding joist systems
      • Tagging framing
      • Configuring beam joins

      06.Floors and Slabs


      08.Steel Brace Frames

      • Adding a brace frame elevation
      • Adding a brace frame
      • Modifying plan view semiology
      • Adding brace-frame gussets
      • Creating a brace-frame sheet

      09.Stairs Ramps and Slopes

      10.Construction Documents Set

      • Setting Up a Sheet
      • Sheet Index
      • Printing a Set of Drawings
      Revit Course Training in Dubai

      Who Can Take Revit Structure Course?

      This Revit Structure course is suitable for civil engineers, structural draftsmen and draftsmen.

      Revit Structure Course Training in Dubai

      Benefits of Revit Structure Course in Dubai :

      • Revit Structure Course in Dubai by our trained experts.
      • You will get both Institutional certificate and the KHDA certificate.
      • Spoton provides you the facility to schedule the classes according to your availability.
      • You will get the Revit Structure Course study materials to study further.

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      I recently completed my Interior designing softwares and it was an amazing experience. I studied AutoCad, Revit and SketchUp here. The time schedule was really flexible. I had two tutors and one of them was Sarath sir, he was very helpful and improved me a lot in software skills and as well as other professional skills. And to specially mention, all the tutors and staffs were friendly and supportive. There are many other courses in this institute and I strongly recommend to try those here.

      Firoz Bin Saif
      Student, Spoton Institute

      I just completed my VAT course at the Spoton training institute. I was new to Dubai and was a little scared to explore and learn new things but my trainer made it very easy, he made the course interesting and delivered it simply. If any doubt arrives in the class he will clear that doubt with some examples from his work experience so that I can understand easily. I got more knowledge from this class, so I thank spoton institute.

      Aleena Shaji
      Student, Spoton Institute

      My experience working with Spoton has been nothing but incredible. I was always presented with opportunities to learn and grow professionally and personally with regard to my field in Cybersecurity. It is a blessing to form relationships and work with gifted and intelligent individuals who are just as passionate about what they do as I am. Spoton is definitely a great company, and I hope to do more work with them in the future.

      Suzanne Peiris
      Student, Spoton Institute

      I had a fantastic experience with the fashion designing course at Spoton Training Institute . The curriculum covered a diverse range of topics, including fashion digital illustration, fashion draping, garment construction, and pattern making. Ayana, our trainer, was exceptional, providing thorough guidance and expertise. The classes were engaging, and the overall atmosphere was conducive to learning. I highly recommend this institute for anyone looking to pursue a comprehensive and hands-on fashion design education.

      Shalu Singh
      Student, Spoton Institute

      I recently completed the VAT course at SpotOn, taking online classes . I’m pleased to say it was an excellent experience. Jiss Thomas’s was my trainer and his teaching was comprehensive, making complex topics easy to grasp. The online platform was user-friendly, ensuring a smooth learning process. I highly recommend SpotOn for their VAT course, especially for the convenience of online learning and the expertise of trainers like Jiss Thomas.

      Vidhya MV
      Student, Spoton Institute

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