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Engineering Design Course
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    interior designing Course Training

    Interior Designing Course Training Overview:

    Interior designing courses are popular choices for candidates who want to foray in the field of design. Interior design is the process of shaping the experience of interior space. Interior designing is not just decoration of the interior space but it also involves aspects of environmental psychology, architecture and product design. Interior decorating is generally focused on the interior items only while interior design is more a multi-faceted task of manipulating the architectural integrity of the interior space.

    It not only decorates the space with the set of items but seeks to harmonies every little change that the space will be go through. Thus, it is the arrangement of living space  ex: organizing, managing, planning and decorating the interiors of rooms at homes, offices, retail shops, showrooms, hotels, airports, exhibition halls, conference centers, theatres, studios and commercial establishments.

    Interior Designing Course description:

    By the end of this beginner course, you will be able to completely design a room end-to-end using a simple 10-steps approach. Specifically, you will learn how to:

    • Measure a room to maximize the use of your space and select appropriately sized furniture
    • Create your ideal floor plan (various sample floor plans are provided)
    • Identify your preferred interior design style(s)
    • Select the appropriate sized rug and furniture for a room
    • Efficiently shop for furniture online
    • Create a layered lighting scheme
    • Learn the secret for making off-the-shelf drapes look custom
    • The ideal student for this course is a person who is interested  in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing rooms in their home, but does not already have a lot of knowledge in interior design.
    • Create a cohesive interior design color scheme.

    What you can learn in Interior Designing:

    Explore the history of environmental arts, fundamentals of interior architecture in both commercial and residential interiors, color theory and more.

    • Become skilled in using Photoshop, AutoCAD, 3Dmax and v-ray programs favored by major design firms
    • Develop skills for freehand drawing and drafting to communicate design concepts
    • Cover a diverse curriculum providing essential skills for going on to advanced degree classes.

    Interiror Designing Course Outline:

    Photo Shop: 
    • Introduction 
    •  Get Photoshop 
    •  Creating an Image 
    •  Opening a File Using Open Command 
    •  Color Modes, Bit Depth, Resolution 
    •  Understanding & Managing the Workspace
    •  Shortcut Keys/Hot Keys
    •  Setting the Preferences
    •  Keys in Windows & Mac
    •  Layers
    •  Layer Panel 
    •  Creating New Layers
    •  The Active Layer
    •  Background Layer
    •  Creating a Duplicate Layer
    •  Locking the Layer
    •  Arranging Layers
    •  Opacity of a Layer
    •  Flatten Image/Merge Down & Merge Visible/Stamping
    •  Adjustment Layers
    •  Auto-Blend Layers 
    •  Blending Options
    •  Layer Mask
    •  Vector Mask
    • Transformation Smart Objects Rasterization
    •  Smart Objects
    •  Rasterize
    •  Color Panel/Swatch Color Modes Channels/Alpha Channels
    •  Color Swatch
    •  Color Settings
    •  File Formats
    •  Filters
    •  Tool Bar 
    •  Move Tool
    •  Marquee Tool 
    •  Lasso Tool
    •  Polygonal Lasso
    •  Magnetic Lasso Tool
    •  Quick Selection Tool
    •  Magic Wand Tool
    •  Crop Tool
    •  Eye Dropper Tool
    •  Color Sampler Tool
    •  Spot Healing Tool
    •  Clone Stamp Tool
    •  Healing Brush Tool
    •  Patch Tool
    •  Content Aware Tool
    •  Brush & Pencil Tool
    •  Pattern Tool
    •  History & Art History tool
    •  History Tool
    •  Eraser Tool
    •  Magic Eraser Tool
    •  Background Eraser Tool
    •  Gradient tool
    •  Paint Bucket Tool
    •  Hand Tool & Rotate View Tool
    •  Slice Tool
    •  Ruler Tool
    •  Note Tool
    •  Mixer Brush Tool
    •  Count Tool
    •  Art board Tool
    Auto CAD:

     Module 1:

    • Introduction to AutoCAD Software
    • Intro to CAD Computer Aided Design or Drafting
    • Computer Aided Manufacturing
    • System of CAD
    • Hardware and Software
    • Understanding the Requirements to use the software
    • Steps for Installation of software

    Module 2:

    • Navigate through the software
    • Starting Tips
    • Drawings in the Software
    • Lines
    • Polygons
    • Circle
    • Arc
    • Add-ins
    • Drawing Curves
    • Express Tools
    • Erasing Shapes
    • Using the right colors

    Module 3:

    • Drawing Techniques
    • Design Specifications
    • Using Modify
    • Using Annotation
    • Layer Properties
    • Templates
    • Command Prompt Toolbar
    • Understanding the use of Blueprints
    • Creating Views of Objects
    • Saving the Views
    • Deleting Files

       Module 4:

    • 2D Drawings
    • 3D Drawings
    • 2D vs. 3D
    • Understanding Physical Components
    • Design and Layout of Object
    • Showing the Creativity
    • Analysis Process
    • Intent of Design

    Module 5:

    • Input Devices
    • Output Devices
    • Plotters vs. Printers
    • Several types of Plotters to use
    • Plotters
    • Useful Technical Illustrations Techniques
    • Importance of Documentation
    • Ideas for Creating Documentations

    Module 6:

    • Applying Background
    • Image to Trace
    • Plotting
    • Layout Management
    • Scale & Setting
    • Import & Exporting files of AutoCAD

      Module 7:

    • Introduction to Blocks
    • Making Block Definitions
    • Inserting Blocks & Drawing Files
    • Introduction to Layers
    • Managing Properties BYLAYER
    • Line types & Drawing Scale
    • 3D Max

    3D Max & V-Ray:

    • 3D animations
    • Models
    • Games
    • 3D computer graphics
    • Visualizations
    • Scene Organization
    • Navigating 3ds Max Review
    • Poly Modeling Principles
    • Sweep Modifier 
    • Photography Basics 
    • Basic Exposure Settings and Principles 
    • All V-Ray Camera Settings 
    • Lighting with HDRI (High Dynamic Range Images) 
    • Basic V-Ray Light Settings 
    • V-Ray Material Library 
    • UVW Mapping Your Materials Onto Objects 
    • Essential V-Ray Render Settings 
    • Using the V-Ray Frame Buffer 
    • V-Ray Proxies

    This Program is Perfect for...

    • Those exploring the possibility of becoming an interior designer
    • Interior designers interested in enhancing their skills
    • Individuals seeking more knowledge in the field of interior design.
    • Students with a passion for interior design.

    Benefits of Interior Designing Course in Dubai :

    • Interior Designing Course in Dubai by our trained experts.
    • You will get both Institutional certificate and the KHDA certificate.
    • Spoton provides you the facility to schedule the classes according to your availability.
    • You will get the Interior Designing Course study materials to study further.

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    Google Verified Reviews

    I recently completed my Interior designing softwares and it was an amazing experience. I studied AutoCad, Revit and SketchUp here. The time schedule was really flexible. I had two tutors and one of them was Sarath sir, he was very helpful and improved me a lot in software skills and as well as other professional skills. And to specially mention, all the tutors and staffs were friendly and supportive. There are many other courses in this institute and I strongly recommend to try those here.

    Firoz Bin Saif
    Student, Spoton Institute

    I just completed my VAT course at the Spoton training institute. I was new to Dubai and was a little scared to explore and learn new things but my trainer made it very easy, he made the course interesting and delivered it simply. If any doubt arrives in the class he will clear that doubt with some examples from his work experience so that I can understand easily. I got more knowledge from this class, so I thank spoton institute.

    Aleena Shaji
    Student, Spoton Institute

    My experience working with Spoton has been nothing but incredible. I was always presented with opportunities to learn and grow professionally and personally with regard to my field in Cybersecurity. It is a blessing to form relationships and work with gifted and intelligent individuals who are just as passionate about what they do as I am. Spoton is definitely a great company, and I hope to do more work with them in the future.

    Suzanne Peiris
    Student, Spoton Institute

    I had a fantastic experience with the fashion designing course at Spoton Training Institute . The curriculum covered a diverse range of topics, including fashion digital illustration, fashion draping, garment construction, and pattern making. Ayana, our trainer, was exceptional, providing thorough guidance and expertise. The classes were engaging, and the overall atmosphere was conducive to learning. I highly recommend this institute for anyone looking to pursue a comprehensive and hands-on fashion design education.

    Shalu Singh
    Student, Spoton Institute

    I recently completed the VAT course at SpotOn, taking online classes . I’m pleased to say it was an excellent experience. Jiss Thomas’s was my trainer and his teaching was comprehensive, making complex topics easy to grasp. The online platform was user-friendly, ensuring a smooth learning process. I highly recommend SpotOn for their VAT course, especially for the convenience of online learning and the expertise of trainers like Jiss Thomas.

    Vidhya MV
    Student, Spoton Institute

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