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    Public Speaking Course Training:

    public speaking training course is designed to prepare speakers to do their job effectively. It’s intended to give them the skills to make a good first impression and inspire others to listen to what they have to say. It’s also an important part of effective communication. A strong sense of presence (confidence) inspires the listener, and good body language, posture and presentation styles make you look and sound more confident. What are the benefits of Public Speaking training? The primary benefit of public speaking is improved communication. Most of the time we communicate with others to sell them products and services, to influence their decisions and to share our thoughts and ideas. And while these methods may not be universally applicable, they’re useful in many situations. However, if you’re going to sell a product, convince your friends to join you for lunch or persuade a group of investors to invest in your business, it’s much more efficient to convey your ideas through a well-orchestrated and confident message.

    graphic design Course Training:

    Graphic designers have a lot of fun and interesting tasks that require knowledge and technical skills, such as using software, drawing, writing and color theory. Responsible for creating marketing campaigns for a variety of industries, you’ll get paid to learn and to grow, which means your skill set and portfolio are expanding rapidly. As a graphic designer you’ll have the opportunity to work in large, established, local and national agencies or freelance for your own studio. 

    Be part of an open work and learning environment, where you are encouraged to progress your skills Work with a team of designers on the same projects Work with clients to create original artwork and design collateral Work with a variety of media including print, web, web video and mobile applications. Be creative and innovate with new ideas and concepts

    ms office Course Training:

    ms office course training is one of the more popular IT classes and is also known as a Microsoft Microsoft Access Training Course, Microsoft Access Training, Microsoft Access Certification Training, Microsoft Office Access Training, etc. The reason for this is simple, the Microsoft Office training course is one of the most well know courses which is very common in the global market. The training course provides training on the all the most common softwares of office suite of Microsoft. The Microsoft office training course is also well known for its job oriented nature as there is a great scope for career growth and job opportunities with the IT companies. So the Microsoft office training course is well known for providing good career growth. In this video, you will learn the importance of Microsoft Office training and its various components. We will also discuss the different types of Microsoft Office training and how you can choose one from this to learn the skills

    autocad Course Training:

    Autodesk Autocad course is designed by expert trainers of the industry to ensure maximum learning outcome. They have made the course and its learning material easily understandable so that one can learn the concepts without any confusion. This is just because they have studied the concept and have practiced them during their carrier. The learning material is also structured in such a way that the students are able to understand the concepts and procedures clearly and have good retention over a period of time. At the end of this training, one can learn how to create 2D drawings and 3D drawings, create 2D objects, create 2D objects, and more. This course also includes hands-on training, the video lectures, and workbook. As per the trainer, the workbook and the video lectures that are being used in the Autodesk Autocad course, all these work well together and help to build up the foundation to use AutoCAD.

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    I have done Arabic language training at Spoton Training Institute. The Trainer Mr. Ahmed Moosa is an awesome personality with good patience. He delivered the best as expected.

    Althaf Noor
    Student, Spoton Institute

    I learned Advanced Excel courses in Spoton training Institute. it is more practice sessions and information from them.
    Thank you Spoton!

    Menbere Tekaligne
    Student, Spoton Institute

    The training was clear and detailed and best instructor.  I like graphic designer course, Their training contains many of Practice Sessions.  I did thank you spot on institute

    Roman Reigns
    Student, Spoton Institute

    I did my MS OFFICE course in spot on and was very impressed with their team and especially Nandini mam who taught me in a way that, I highly recommend because they are Spot on.

    Mercy Rajam
    Student, Spoton Institute

    I had great learning experience in Spoton Training Institute. Like; professionals trainers, very supportive staff. I done my 2D & 3D AUTOCAD with this Institute. Thank You Spot on.

    Sachin Bhagwat
    Student, Spoton Institute

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