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    Graphic design Course Training

    Overview of Graphic Design Course in Dubai:

    Graphic Design Course in Dubai is the art of crafting visual content to communicate messages. Through Graphic Designing, aspirants acquire a better understanding of layout, introduction to photo editing, photography, digital design thinking, logo creating, organizing page layouts, portfolio building, UI & UX etc.

    A graphic designer is expected to use pictures of the users. They are also responsible for boosting the user experience by focusing on the logic of displaying elements in interactive designs.

    Graphic Design Training in Dubai

    The students can pursue the following job profiles after completing their course in graphic designing:

    1. Brand Identity Designer
    2. Design Manager
    3. Flash Designer
    4. Logo Designer
    5. Picture Editor
    6. Visual Image Developer

    Description of Graphic Design Course in Dubai:

    Students learn and apply fundamentals of various software applications(such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel draw & InDesign) and investigates the most effective ways for integrating of the elements of graphic design software.

    If you like the theme of the graphic design, the Graphic designer can also use different techniques such as using gradients, shading, patterns, frames and many other techniques. The Graphic designer can either make a new web page for the web and can then be used as the template, or it can be made in the form of brochure. There are many places which provide the training for graphic design, you can either get the training from the reputed institutes or can opt for online training courses for graphic design. The web design training will offer the learning of basic and advanced Web page design principles. 

    Graphic Design Training in Dubai

    Objectives of Graphic Design Course in Dubai?

    The Graphic design training course will teach you to draw and design the elements which will be used in the Graphic designing of a logo, flyer, brochure, book cover, newspaper etc. The elements which are used for designing can be divided into basic and advanced, basic elements include: type, color, color, line, shapes, typography and basic principles, the advanced elements include: effects, illustration, effects, typography and principles, graphic arts, layout, and design rules and methods. Some of the elements which are used are line, shapes, colors, graphics, fonts and others. The elements that are used by the designer depend upon the purpose for which the designer is working.

    Why you choose Graphic Design Course in Dubai?

    • Graphic Design Course in Dubai is Creative
    • You Have the Chance to Make A Difference in Graphic Designing.
    • Graphic Design Training  will give the Chance to Work from Anywhere in The World
    • Be Your Own Boss in Graphic Design Work
    • Learn Graphic Design Software with Expert Professional 
    • Graphic Design Course in Dubai gives Various Opportunities.
    • Graphic Design Course in Dubai Shape People’s Feelings and Actions.

    Software for Graphic Design Course in Dubai:

    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
    • InDesign
    • Corel Draw.
    Graphic Design Training in Dubai

    Outline of Graphic Design Course in Dubai:

    This course is designed for those students who are interested in Graphic  Design or Photography. This Introductory Adobe Photoshop course familiarize students with the editing capabilities of Adobe Photoshop software. Students learn how to use the Adobe Photoshop interface and access its expansive set of features. Lessons cover the basics of saving and storing image files and defining the various processes used for image editing. When they complete this Adobe Photoshop course, students will know how to use the software for image editing and basic manipulation.

    Introduction to the Photoshop


    • What is Photoshop?
    • Benefits of Photoshop
    • Workspace in Photoshop
    • Arrange Window
    • Menus and Panels
    • Opening new files
    • Opening existing files 

    2.Working with Image

    • Zooming an Image
    • Working with multiple Images
    • Duplicate Image

    3.Resizing and cropping images

    • About pixels and resolution
    • Resizing for print and web
    • Cropping and straightening an image
    • Adjusting canvas size & canvas rotation
    • Trim

    4.Selection in Photoshop

    • Selection with Rectangular Marquee and Elliptical Marquee Tool
    • Single Row and Column Marquee Tool
    • Using the free Transform Tool
    • Using Lasso, Polygonal Lasso and Magnetic Lasso Tool
    • Using the Quick selection and Magic Wand
    • Modifying Selections
    • Adding, Subtracting and Intersecting Selection
    • Shortcut for Selection


    • Paint using brush tool
    • Working with Swatches
    • How to use gradients tool
    • Painting with selections

    6.Intoduction to Color Correction

    • Variations Command
    • Auto Commands
    • Adjusting Levels
    • Adjust Curves, Non-Destructively, with Adjustment Layers
    • Color Spaces & Color Modes

    7.Type Text Tool

    • Changing Fonts
    • Character Settings
    • Paragraph Settings
    • Setting text on open paths
    • Setting text on closed paths
    • Typing on vertical area
    • Creating different text effects
    • Creating Text Warp

    8.Photo Retouching

    • Red eye tool
    • Clone stamp tool
    • Patch tool
    • Healing brush tool
    • Color replacement tool
    • Painting with history


    • What is Adobe Illustrator
    • Why we use Adobe Illustrator
    • How to create and save a new document

    2. Introduction of Tool, Panel and Menu

    • Interface & Workspace
    • Working With Ruler, Guides, Grids, Workspace
    • Toolbox
    • Introduction of tool & shortcut key
    • Exploring options, setting, menu and panel

    3. Selection Tool and Shortcut Key

    • Selection tool
    • Direct selection tool
    • Group Selection Tool
    • Selecting multiple paths

    4.Drawing with Pen Tool

    • Drawing straight paths with the Pen tool
    • Drawing curved paths with the Pen tool
    • Drawing freeform paths with the Pencil tool
    • Smoothing and erasing paths
    • Editing anchor points
    • Joining and averaging path
    • Simplifying paths
    • Using Offset Path 
    • Cleaning up errant paths

    5. Drawing in Illustrator

    • Working with outside images
    • Applying fill and stroke
    • Using the eye dropper
    • Working with the appearance dialogue box
    • Compound paths and building shapes, drawing modes

    6.Type Text Tool

    • Changing Fonts
    • Character Settings
    • Paragraph Settings
    • Text Threads
    • Setting text on open paths
    • Setting text on closed paths
    • Typing on vertical area
    • Creating different text effects
    • Creating Text Warp
    • 3D Type
    • Create Outlines from Text

    7. Appearance and Fill

    • Fill and Stroke
    • dashed line stroke
    • Create round strokes
    • Add shapes at start & end of stroke
    • Making more than one stroke
    • Changing stroke color and weight through the appearance panel
    • Changing stacking order through the appearance panel
    • Color dialogue box (three locations)
    • Gradients
    • Pattern fill
    • Applying pattern fill to a stroke

    8. Working with Images

    • Converting pixels to paths with Live Trace
    • Expanding Image after trace
    • Making Live Trace adjustments
    • Clipping & masking images
    • Improving and Colouring traced images

    9.Working Efffiently with Symbols

    • Creating Custom symbols
    • Managing repeating artwork with symbols
    • Modifying and replacing symbol instances
    • Using the Symbol Sprayer tool
    • Using the Symbol Shifter tool
    • Using the Symbol Scruncher tool
    • Using the Symbol Strainer tool
    • Using the Symbol Styler tool
    • Using the Symbol Screener tool

    10.Working with Graphs

    • Creating different types of graph
    • Adding values to the graph
    • Changing color & Styele of graphs

    11.Brush Tools

    • Paint brush tool
    • Blob brush tool
    • Pencil brush tool
    • Creating custom brushes
    • Calligraphic Brushes
    • Scatter Brushes
    • Art Brushes                      
    • Bristle Brushes
    • Pattern Brushes
    • Image Brushes

    12.Saving and Exporting

    • Printing your Illustrator document
    • Saving your Illustrator document for web

    1.Introduction of CorelDraw

    • Difference between raster and vector
    • Page setup
    • Dimensions


    • Rectangle
    • Square
    • Circle
    • Polygon
    • Star
    • Spiral
    • Basic Shapes
    • Graph Paper

    3.Convert to Shape

    • Add Nodes
    • Delete Nodes
    • Join two nodes
    • Break curve
    • Smooth node
    • Strech and scale nodes
    • Symmetrical node

    4.Fill and Stroke in CorelDraw

    • Uniform Fill
    • Fountain Fill
    • Vector Pattern Fill
    • Bitmap Pattern Fill
    • Two color Pattern Fill
    • Stroke


    • How to make Blend
    • Reversing a blend
    • Editing in Blend
    • Blend along full path


    • Character
    • Paragraphs
    • Frame
    • Columns
    • Bullets and Numbering
    • Edit text
    • Text on path


    • Create Tables
    • Merge
    • Split
    • Distribute
    • Insert
    • Delete

    Introduction to the InDesign

    • Adobe InDesign is the leading software application for creating works such as magazines, books and various multiple-page print media. It is built in with many features to seamlessly handle content and documents of any number of pages.

    Course Description

    • It covers the study of basic of in-design in the introductory part
    • It, then, moves onto the understanding of key features like tools and techniques. It helps you know about adjustments of the individual frames of the In-Design.
    • It covers up the information on how to edit texts, insert tables, graphics, etc. It helps you understand self adjusting layouts with the help of gap tools and auto fit. It provides the content on creating spanning texts and split columns without introducing new texts.
    • The content covers the topics like managing transparency, controlling texts, managing texts, designing documents, utilizing tablets and managing the environment of the In-Design.
    • The outline of the course also contains the productive and useful information on the proper and appropriate utilization of the gradients, swatches and colors.
    • The contents like creating Acrobat PDF files, managing styles, managing long documents, developing paths etc are penned down with extreme productivity.
    Graphic Design Training in Dubai

    Benefits of Graphic Design Course in Dubai:

    • Freedom to express your imagination. 
    • Learning new techniques and skills. 
    • Chance to meet new designers. 
    • Improve your social skills. 
    • Opportunity to work with reputable companies. 
    • Stable income. 
    • You can freelance. 
    • Continuous practice of designing skills.
    • Liberty of Imagination and creativity.
    • More Graphic Designing Opportunities.
    • Graphic Design Course in Dubai by our trained experts.
    • You will get both  Institutional Certificate and the KHDA Certificate.
    • Spoton provides you the facility to schedule the classes according to your availability.
    • You will get Graphic Design study materials to study further.

    How we give Graphic Design Course in Dubai?

    • Graphic Design Course in Dubai Dive into the History of Graphics.
    • Master in Graphic  Designing Principles & Process. 
    • Graphic Designing Course Geeks Out On Typography. 
    • Study the Fundamentals of Color. 
    • Get Well Versed in Graphic Design Course in Dubai Terminologies.
    • Masters in Graphic Design Course in Dubai Programs.
    • Get Creatively Inspired. 
    Graphic Design Training in Dubai

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    I recently completed my Interior designing softwares and it was an amazing experience. I studied AutoCad, Revit and SketchUp here. The time schedule was really flexible. I had two tutors and one of them was Sarath sir, he was very helpful and improved me a lot in software skills and as well as other professional skills. And to specially mention, all the tutors and staffs were friendly and supportive. There are many other courses in this institute and I strongly recommend to try those here.

    Firoz Bin Saif
    Student, Spoton Institute

    I just completed my VAT course at the Spoton training institute. I was new to Dubai and was a little scared to explore and learn new things but my trainer made it very easy, he made the course interesting and delivered it simply. If any doubt arrives in the class he will clear that doubt with some examples from his work experience so that I can understand easily. I got more knowledge from this class, so I thank spoton institute.

    Aleena Shaji
    Student, Spoton Institute

    My experience working with Spoton has been nothing but incredible. I was always presented with opportunities to learn and grow professionally and personally with regard to my field in Cybersecurity. It is a blessing to form relationships and work with gifted and intelligent individuals who are just as passionate about what they do as I am. Spoton is definitely a great company, and I hope to do more work with them in the future.

    Suzanne Peiris
    Student, Spoton Institute

    I had a fantastic experience with the fashion designing course at Spoton Training Institute . The curriculum covered a diverse range of topics, including fashion digital illustration, fashion draping, garment construction, and pattern making. Ayana, our trainer, was exceptional, providing thorough guidance and expertise. The classes were engaging, and the overall atmosphere was conducive to learning. I highly recommend this institute for anyone looking to pursue a comprehensive and hands-on fashion design education.

    Shalu Singh
    Student, Spoton Institute

    I recently completed the VAT course at SpotOn, taking online classes . I’m pleased to say it was an excellent experience. Jiss Thomas’s was my trainer and his teaching was comprehensive, making complex topics easy to grasp. The online platform was user-friendly, ensuring a smooth learning process. I highly recommend SpotOn for their VAT course, especially for the convenience of online learning and the expertise of trainers like Jiss Thomas.

    Vidhya MV
    Student, Spoton Institute

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    Graphic Design Training in Dubai
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