Writing well is one of the most important skills you can develop to be successful in the business world. Over seventy companies and thirty thousand students–from professional writers to new employees to non-native English speakers to seasoned executives–have used the techniques in Business Writing to power their ability to communicate and launch their ideas.
This course will teach you how to apply the top ten principles of good business writing to your work, how to deploy simple tools to dramatically improve your writing, and how to execute organization, structure, and revision to communicate more masterfully than ever. From the very first lesson, you’ll be able to apply your new learning immediately to your work and improve your writing today. Your ideas are powerful. Learn how to deliver them with the clarity and impact they deserve.

Business Writing Skills: From beginner level to advanced Level


There are several ways you can quickly make improvements to your own writing. Think Before You Start Writing. Use the Active Voice. Avoid Pretentious Words. From Pro Writing Aid has more on avoiding jargon in business writing. You will learn how to correct common mistakes, tricks for better formatting, and how to reduce errors in your writing.

Course Outline

  • Building Great Business Writing
  • Own Your Ideas
  • Dave Gives Pointers: Type is the Message


Learners who has no prior knowledge of the language and would like to understand and speak basic phrases and familiar words to interact in a simple way. Anyone can learn to be a better writer, and the best way to improve your own writing is to practice. The more you write, the better you’ll get.

Course Outline

  • The Formula for Writing Success
  • Great Writers Are Great Revisers
  • Building Out the Scaffold


This course helps students develop writing competence by practicing writing paragraphs and essays. Students learn to write unified, supported, coherent essays using grammatically sound sentences. Assignments focus on writing a variety of paragraphs and essays in order to prepare for college level writing courses.

Course Outline

  • 5 hours to complete Crafting Powerful Writing
  • The First Paragraph Roadmap
  • Writing a Paragraph


Advanced develops skills in personalizing your writing to your audience in more complex and challenging areas. Covering a range of document types, you will discover how to build lasting relationships, get others to do things and handle difficult messages. We start by outlining good practices in business writing. We then experiment with writing to address complex business scenarios and deal with difficult people. We explore the particularities and risks associated with business writing for social media platforms. Finally, we describe the interplay between the technical, emotional and political elements of a message.

Course Outline

  • Activate Your Voice!
  • Limit Crutch Verbs
  • Time to Design: Dave Takes the Memo
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